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18438 Lab Equipment 1 Calender - 15" ANIL INTERNATIONAL Calender, (2) 400mm rolls, Add To QuoteHelp
18435 Cut & Sew Equipment 1 Cutter GERBER Tauras SLS Leather Cutter, NEW! Add To QuoteHelp
18428 Extrusion & Fiber Processing Equipment 2 Draw Stands - 1000mm HENSCHEL Godet Stands, (7) rolls 1000mm x 200mm Add To QuoteHelp
18426 Recycling Equipment and Machinery 1 Granulator - 60 hp Vecoplan Single Shaft Shredder, Model 52/60, 60 HP,   Add To QuoteHelp
18452 Laminating Equipment 1 Laminator - 1600mm RELIANT Coolstream 160 TAL Belt Laminator, 2022 yr, 1600mm Add To QuoteHelp
18446 Blending & Opening Equipment 1 Opener - 1600mm TRUTZSCHLER TFV4 1600 Opener, 1600mm working width,   Add To QuoteHelp
18449 Pillow Blowing Equipment 1 Pillow Line WISE Pillow Blowing Line, double nozzle,   Add To QuoteHelp
18454 Balers 1 Single Box LUMMUS (?) Baler, 30 x 60 x 40" box,   Add To QuoteHelp
18447 Recycling Equipment and Machinery 1 Tearing Line - 1900mm DELL'ORCO Tearing Line, 1900mm x 6 cylinders,   Add To QuoteHelp
18455 Warping & Slashing Equipment 3 Warper McCOY ELLISON Warping Lines, with creels.   Add To QuoteHelp
18430 Winding Equipment 45 Winder SAHM XE320 Winders, automatic.   Add To QuoteHelp

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