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AIS Baling, Strapping, & Stacking System, 3000x3400mm,
Item Number18019
MachineAIS Baling, Strapping, & Stacking System, 3000x3400mm,
Description2017 yr, NEW & never installed. Max pad width 3400mm x Max pad length 3000mm x Max stacking height 2000mm, max line speed 10m/min. Run Out Conveyor, Stacker, Lift Table, and Exit Conveyor The Run Out Conveyor while stacking pads runs continuously at a speed greater than line speed. This creates separation and provides additional time the for the stacker carriage to complete the cycle. A laser sensor detects a pad present and initiates the servo stacker drive to extend the carriage. The Run Out Conveyor runs continuously, except when in the roll mode. In the roll mode the Run Out Conveyor follows line speed and starts and stops with the feed rolls. The Lift Table is equipped with a VFD controlled discharge conveyor, which sends the bale to the entrance conveyor of the packaging bale press. The discharge conveyor can be a metal or urethane belt, depending upon the stacking surface. During stacking, the lift table increments down as a pad is deposited onto the lift table conveyor, as the stack covers the stacking photoeye. Upon ?Count Complete?, the number of pads in the stack, the cutting process is stopped, and the bale is discharged upon the exit conveyor. The lift table then moves back to the highest stacking position. The discharge process of a 60? bale takes approximately 10 seconds. At higher line speeds, an accumulator may be required before the cutter. Bale Press and Strapping Process The Bale Press consists of 4 cylinders applying downward pressure on the bale. There are two conveyors that are VFD driven. The lower conveyor determines bale position via an encoder. The upper conveyor is a speed follower to the lower conveyor. By utilizing two driven conveyors, the bale stays uniform during strapping. The strapping machine quoted will automatically carry out the feeding, recovery, tensioning, welding and cutting of the strap. The strapping cycle is activated by a signal provided by PLC. The Strapping Machine is equipped with a fixed head on the bottom of the arch; therefore, the package must be positioned on the strapping head to pull adequate tension. The machine has a fixed bottom track to strap around the entire package, not through a pallet void. The durable SX 600 Ultrasonic strapping head, which is the heart of this machine, is capable of pulling 340 lbs. maximum tension and includes Ultrasonic sealing technology. 1.1 Design Specifications · Operating side in material flow direction as specified by customer · Platform size of Lift Table 3000mm x 3600mm · Maximum pad width 3400mm · Maximum pad length 3000mm · Minimum pad length 381mm · Maximum stacking height 2000mm · Maximum line speed 10m/min · Stacker table conveyor height (to be determined to support stack height· · Discharge height of lift table conveyor TBD. Stacker and Lift Table Design · Solid steel construction stacker table, Main frame will be cross-braced for added stability, 3?x4?x1/4? · Lightweight welded aluminum construction stacker carriage, complete with long life linear motion components. · Belt driven discharge conveyor/s on stacker carriage. · Servo Stacker drive with servo reducer · Upper deck conveyor completed with drive and tail roller, belt return support roller. · Electrically actuated lift table. (no pit required) discharge conveyor, right angle discharge · 1? Stacker Rails extending over lift table · 6? ND Top Ball double wide linear bearing with lubrication ports. · No brakes or clutches · 4? C channel rail support system · Carbon Fiber timing belts · All motors inverter rated · Prewired electrical control and motor power · Schneider M340 Control System with 10? Magelis Color HMI · Yaskawa servo and variable frequency drives · Sick Optic Programmable Safety controller and switches · Sick Optic light curtain or hard guarding of lift table
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