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OLBRICH / STRAHM Airlay Thermobonding Line, 2500mm,
Item Number16577
MachineOLBRICH / STRAHM Airlay Thermobonding Line, 2500mm,
Description1980-2012 yr, 380/3/50 Complete Thermo bonding line producing low and high density material (from 15 to 120 kg/m) out of cotton shoddy, wool or other waste fibers. Line is especially designed for producing absorbent panel out of shoddy cotton, insulating panel out of Wool, heavy density mattresses out of manmade fibres. Switchover time from one product to another is possible without stopping the line. Line is very versatile and have test run on 50 different fibers. Line consists of: Fallgarter bale breaker from app. 1975 with new (2010) Temafa condensor for material feeding Rolando balebreaker from app. 1985 with new (2010) Temafa condensor for material feeding (2) Crosa Perino Blending boxes each for 750 kgs of fiber from app. 1990. the units also has individual metal separator LTG air drum filter from 2005 incl. Main ventilator (installed effect 45 kW), fiber separator, prefilter tower, fiber compactor, dust separator and exhausting silencer. All covered in a separate enclosure. HDB carding willow from app. 1975 Hergeth fine opener from 1983 Stummer cleaner from 2007 Hergeth chutefeed system with tower Olbrich Airlay Card from 2010 with automatic weighing system for a production between 500 and up to 6 000 grams/sqm. Strahm thermal bonded oven type HiPer Thermo from 2008 with adjustable height up to 300 mm, gas heated. Olbrich length cutting device from 2004 with 6 knifes installed KZE guilottine cutter from 2012 for cutting up to 170 mm thickness and with measure system. Atlas Copco air compressor 4,8 KW from 2001 Totally installed effect is 320 kW. Most of the motors are frequency controlled. Can also without major changes run on 440/110 volt 60 hz. The whole line is only run for commissioning. To keep it fit it runs minor hours every week to keep all equipment in an excellent condition. Line will be sold including all accessories to serve needed utilization system.
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