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St. CROIX CANNON, Restored
Item Number12144
MachineSt. CROIX CANNON, Restored
DescriptionThe cannon barrel was found in the early 1970s. It was half-buried and being used as a decorative post. The barrel was restored and placed in a typical ship's cannon mount. The cannon was brought to New England after hurricane Hugo in 1989. There was an interest in bringing it back to life and using it for cannon firing practice. The barrel was brought to Lawrence E. Cook of Cook's Arsenal in Meriden, CT in 1992. There it was given a stainless steel sleeve to allow for corrosion resistance as it can be used for firing. At the same time, a new touch hole was installed for a percussion cap/lanyard pull. It was suggested then to mold zinc balls for firing practice. Since the Danes purchased the islands in 1733, it is likely the barrel is Danish merchant since the practice was to use cannon as ballast on the outward bound trip and return with a ship full of molasses and fewer cannons. An expert on cannons could zero-in on history by studying the tube's casting bands. No markings are apparent on the tube itself. The wheels and axle are made by International Harvester, 1884. The date is raised lettering on cast iron casting on the wheel hubs. The wheels were originally on an ammunition wagon; and when it was purchased, the owner stated it carried ammo in France in WWI. Eventually, the wagon decayed, but the steel axle and sturdy wheels were salvaged. The axle was shortened to give better proportion to the gun carriage. The gun carriage is wood with steel along the top with steel plates on the trunnions. Barrel Length - 40" Tube Bore - 3" Trunnion width - Approx. 15" Wheel Height - 44" Inside - wheel to wheel - 46.5" Weight - 490 lbs (22kg)
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St. CROIX CANNON, Restored
St. CROIX CANNON, Restored  St. CROIX CANNON, Restored

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